Photo: Journeys Festival International/  Strong Island Media

Photo: Journeys Festival International/Strong Island Media

Sanctuary/Sustenance - A Story of Many Journeys |2013 | 
Video Installation

Through photographs, moving graphics, and music, viewers have an opportunity to trace the journey of a family during the catastrophic events of displacement, on a path to sanctuary, and through the long process of rebuilding life in a new community. Sanctuary & Sustenance aims to raise the public consciousness of these issues to a wide variety of people, and spark conversations about our collective responsibility to welcome refugees and encourage policy makers to act in favor of fundamental human rights for refugees and asylum seekers.


Sanctuary & Sustenance was co-directed by filmmakers Leslie Thomas and Maren Wickwire in order to provide a public immersion experience through the eyes of refugees around the world. After years of documenting highly detailed and specific stories of individuals and families who fled their homes because of conflict, natural disaster, or other trauma, Thomas and Wickwire wanted to create a project that would evoke empathy in global audiences for this crisis in the broadest sense. 



Portsmouth, UK - November 2016
Minneapolis, USA - 2016
Pittsburgh, USA - 2016
San Diego, USA - 2016
Seattle, USA - 2016
Cologne, Germany - 2015
Chicago, USA - 2014 & 2016
New York, USA & St. John Cathedral - June, 2013
Bucharest, Romania - June, 2013
Rome, Italy - June, 2013
Sofia, Bulgaria - June, 2013
Budapest, Hungary - June, 2013
Catania, Italy - June, 2013
Ljubljana, Slovenia  - June, 2013
Prague, Czech Republic - June, 2013
Warsaw, Poland  - June, 2013
Milan, Italy - June, 2013
Beirut, Lebanon - June, 2013



Produced by: ART WORKS Projects
Directed by Leslie Thomas and Maren Wickwire
Editor: Maren Wickwire
Video and Graphic by: Maren Wickwire
Music by Osvaldo Golijov
Lee Maddeford and Roland Vouilloz
Jonathan Wiest, Ventanas

We are grateful for the support provided by:
UNHCR / The Frankel Family Foundation /
Manifest Media